Cesme Bazlama Kahvalti is a family business.

Yasar Ahmet Tuncer, the invisible hero of our story which starts at Cesme and continues in Istanbul, is actually from Aydin.

He is one of the first small business owners in Cesme. Mr. Ahmet is currently in charge of production and supply. With his team, he personally manages the process of local production of the produce, and its delivery to the branches.

His wife, Mother Nurten is the magic in the kitchen.

As someone who never lost her researching spirit, Mother Nurten’s jams have their own unique recipes and applications. She continues to sign her name on her delicious acuka, menemen, fried bread and 3 cheese eggplant. She also takes care of our guests in our branches, as if she is hosting visitors at her home.

The daughter of Ahmet and Nurten Tuncer, Sinem Tuncer, who contributed enormously to the development of the brand, has been very influential in making Cesme Bazlama Kahvalti what it is today. Completing her education overseas, Sinem returned to Turkey after long years and by moving Cezme Bazlama Kahvalti from Cesme to Istanbul she introduced the business to the large customer base it has now.

We believe Cesme Bazlama Kahvalti will never lose its family business spirit and sincerity, even as it’s fame spreads across Turkey, and the world.

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