Franchise Questionnaire


We welcome your interest in Bazlama Brand and your desire to be a part of our family.

We kindly ask you to answer the following questions that will make it easier for us to get to know you.


    These questions can be important evaluation criteria for both you and Bazlama Kahvaltı during franchise applications. Providing honest and detailed answers during the application process can help to establish mutual trust before starting cooperation. 

    There are no clear truths in the answers above that Bazlama Kahvaltı is looking for, so giving answers that reflect you will speed up our communication with you.

    Your personal data that you will provide in this form will be processed by us, provided that it is limited to the purpose in the processes of informing you about the relevant subject, return, suggestion and complaint, and will be kept by taking appropriate security measures. You can access our information text on the Protection of Personal Data here.

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