Bazlama Stone House

Bazlama Tas Ev is the place where the story of Cesme Bazlama Kahvalti began.

Bazlama Tas Ev, is located on the road between Aya Yorgi Bay and Dalyan Village, in Cesme. In 1992, Ahmet and Nurten Tuncer designed and re-created their house as a guesthouse, which can host and provide a special service to guests from all over Turkey and the world, rather than a boutique hotel.

Built with special Greek house stones and keeping it’s original Greek house entrance door, the Stone house has 7 rooms. The unique presentation along with the names of the rooms mesmerize those who lay eyes on them. Having names like Gozleme, Jam, Acur, Flatbread, Tomato, Olive and Honey, each room has a TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. Everything is designed to make you feel at home or at a relative house. A relatives house which you can stay for any duration you wish, not just for a day. You can visit the photo gallery below to see the rooms more closely.

From Bazlama Stone House, you can go to Aya Yorgi Bay within minutes by walking or take a trip along the peninsula to have a close interaction with nature.

Bazlama Stone House’s garden is also the central branch of Bazlama Kahvalti. Every summer, the season opens its doors to nature and taste enthusiasts. If you wish, you can come to breakfast for Mother Nurten’s special delicacies, or you can stay at Bazlama Stone House and wake up to the breakfast without getting tired on the road.

It is possible to come to Bazlama Kahvalti only for breakfast, without being a guest as well. Bazlama Kahvalti, which opens its doors at 9:00 am every day during the summer season, serves breakfast only until 5:00 pm in the evening. And yes, here too, it is forbidden to leave without being completely full! 🙂

There is no reservation for breakfast. However, if you want to stay at the Bazlama Stone House, you need to make a reservation by calling the number below. You can get detailed information from the same number and ask your questions.

Stay the night for breakfast, and we will wake up to breakfast together 🙂

Adress: Dalyan, 4000. Street, No 4, Cesme, Izmir

Please call for reservation at Bazlama Stone House: 0232 724 76 69

Working Hours and Days: In June – July – August – September; Everyday between 09:00 – 17.00

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