Çesme Bazlama Kahvalti (Cesme Flatbread Breakfast) was founded in 1992, as a family business in Çesme. The founding father of the business is also the father of the family, Yaşar Ahmet Tuncer. Starting as a small boutique hotel breakfast, Çesme Bazlama Kahvalti has moved to a different level with the management of Mr. Ahmet’s wife, Mrs. Nurten. The business changed with the touch of a woman and a mother. The breakfast section was separated from the hotel business and stepped in front of it.

In the following years, Sinem Tuncer, the daughter of Mr. Yaşar and Mrs. Nurten, joined the team. Thanks to Sinem, Cesme Bazlama Kahvalti took off. The vision of a new generation brought by Sinem Tuncer, the daughter of Mother Nurten, became the remedy for the old generation. The mother and daughter came together to create wonders. Years later, Ms. Sinem decided this model which can only be sustained in the summer months was not enough and moved the breakfast concept to the whole year, and to Istanbul.

Sinem Tuncer’s grandmother was the best flatbread maker of the Aydin-Atburgazi village. Because Sinem grew up with this bread, in order to emphasize the brand’s connections with the past, she changed the brand name to “Bazlama (Flatbread)”. Because the family which started the garden had lived in Cesme for long years, the name “Cesme Bazlama Kahvaltı” naturally followed.

In this period where old values disappear, and people are hungry for nature, Cesme Kahvalti is a place aiming to feed people’s stomachs and hearts. Just like at home, here, it is forbidden for the guests to leave the table without feeling full, not just in the stomach with food, but in the heart with compassion, sincerity and attention.

In the kitchen, there is also a team working to present the freshest produce from the farms in Cesme and Aydin, produced by them and other good farmers. For years they continue to present the guests with the freshest and best produce, with consistency. By proudly letting them join the team, they continue to support housewives at restaurants, aunts/uncles working on produce in villages, and retirees, helping them contribute to their house economy.

After Cesme, the Nisantasi branch was opened. With the same atmosphere and team, the unique breakfast concept continues to grow. Remember, YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO LEAVE WITHOUT BEING COMPLETELY FULL!

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